Publishers 2023

Scroll down for Small Publishers Fair 2023 publishers. Click here for the programme (publishers, exhibition, readings and talks) and here for the 80+ book launches plus, artists, writers and designers who – in addition to participating publishers – came to … Read More

Remembering Alastair Brotchie

This talk was written and given by Malcolm Green at Alastair Brotchie’s funeral on the 20th of February 2023. The two were founding editors of Atlas Press and self-identified as the ‘naughty boys of publishing’. Their imprint bought into print in English, often for the first time, a world of writing from the European ‘anti-tradition’. … Read More

Selection of books from CB Editions
On Independent Publishing, Charles Boyle

“At its best, independent publishing is nimble, inquisitive, resourceful (necessity being the mother of invention), personal, cooperative rather than competitive, passionately engaged and seriously, infectiously fun – all things to which small groups of like-minded people are conducive. Not corporations.” … Read More

John McDowall on AMBruno

John McDowall on AMBruno and the group’s 2022 project ‘Margins’ which will be launched at Small Publishers Fair 2022. Julie Johnstone, Peter Rapp and other participants discuss work in progress. … Read More

The Penteract Podcast, Anthony Etherin

“Don’t worry. I’m not a great host, but I’m a pretty good editor.” This is how I would attempt to put my guests at ease, in the early days of The Penteract Podcast. And it was true: while I had … Read More