The Penteract Podcast, Anthony Etherin

“Don’t worry. I’m not a great host, but I’m a pretty good editor.” This is how I would attempt to put my guests at ease, in the early days of The Penteract Podcast. And it was true: while I had … Read More

Lockdown Books

More than a quarter of the publishers taking part in the 2021 online fair made books that were influenced in some way by Lockdown. This feature shined a light on them and drew on the words of publishers and others … Read More

Publishers 2021

Scroll down for a list of the publishers who took part in the Online Small Publishers Fair 2021. You’ll find a short description, website link and an image for each one. Click here to download the booklist 2021Download

Libraries and collections

A list of specialist libraries and archives in the UK where you can find publications by Small Publishers Fair participants. Some have online catalogues. Most are open to the public, though you may need to make an appointment. Updated 5 … Read More

Book Fair Calendar

A calendar of some of the other events in the UK where you can find Small Publishers Fair publishers and others. Links are to the event, organiser’s website or similar. Updated 22 June 2022 Your event not listed, details need … Read More