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A view from the stage at Conway Hall ofa busy Small Publishers Fair, early on a winter's evening - lights in Conway Hall twinkling.

Small press publishing is a distinctive and rich area of UK arts. It includes artists’ books, editions, ephemera, magazines, fine press books, poetry pamphlets and zines. The Small Publishers Fair is an annual snapshot of some of the best in … Read More

A sign on the entrance table at Conway Hall telling people that Free Readings will begin at midday in the Brockway Room
Archive Readings

Small Publishers Fair readings, talks and book launches are held in Conway Hall’s historic library and in the Green Room. They previously took place in the Brockway Room. Scroll down for a selection of photos and a list of people … Read More

Publishers 2019

Scroll down for a list of publishers taking part in Small Publishers Fair 2019. You’ll find a short description, website link and an image for each one. Click here for a quick list of publishers and links to their websites.

Laurie Clark: Harebells

The story behind the making of Laurie Clark’s book 100 Harebells and how this relates to the image on the 2018 Small Publishers Fair Card.… Read More

Ross Hair: Art is a Small Adjustment

Ross Hair explains his choice of the image of a blue scarf, an edition made by the artist Ian Hamilton Finlay, as lead image for the exhibition ‘Avant Folk’ and the 2016 Small Publishers Fair card.… Read More