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A Published Event

Australian collaborative publishing platform of artist/writers Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward. Hybrid works fuse critical writing, prose, book-works, video, installation and performance.

HyperFocal: 0, 2019

Ambeck Design

Mette Ambeck is a Danish designer, curator, teacher and book artist. Twice winner of the Birgit Skiöld Memorial Trust Award for Excellence.

BinBagBook, 2018

Analog Sea

Offline publisher of poetry books and The Analog Sea Review.  Edited by writer and poet Jonathan Simons who is based in Freiburg and Austin, Texas.

Selected titles

Anne Rook

Animation, multi-media, installation and book artist, Anne Rook is based in London. Publications feature fruit labels, drawing and short poetical prose.

Anne Rook’s table at Small Publishers Fair 2018

Anne-Emilie Philippe

Printmaker and book artist exploring images and how they form in the eye and in the mind’s eye. Also installations and public art. Based in Lille, France.

Method, artist’s book, 2016


Hyemee Kim lives in South Korea and Ireland. She makes artist books using photographs, collage, drawings, silkscreen printing and writing.

Vases, artist’s book, 2019

Atlantic Press

Publishes works of graphic literature by emerging and established ‘authorial illustrators’. Linked to the MA Illustration: Authorial Practice at Falmouth University. Run by Stephen Braund.

Charles Causley, A Portrait of the Poet

Atlas Press

Publisher of the “anti-tradition” of the European avant-garde literary and artistic dissent since 1983. Many books in translation. London-based. Edited by Alastair Brotchie and Malcolm Green.

To those Gods Beyond, Giorgio Manganelli, 2019

Bad Betty Press

Publisher of new poetry, run by poets Amy Acre and Jake Wild Hall. Collections, anthologies, pamphlets, and limited edition mini-pamphlet series Bad Betty Shots. Rooted in live poetry. London-based.

Bad Betty Press book launch 2019


BBruno is an offshoot of AMBruno, a coalition of artists with diverse practices who, having a common interest in the book as medium, make works to given subjects.

Folio, John McDowall, 2019

Best Books by Bernard and Anwyl

Based near Stroud in rural Gloucestershire. Bernard Fairhurst and Anwyl Cooper-Willis are fine artists who make dead-pan, slightly unhinged and (mostly) hand-made books.

Eh is not for Apple, artist’s book, 2019

Boekie Woekie

Henriëtte van Egten (Netherlands), Rúna Thorkelsdóttir (Iceland) and Jan Voss (Germany) are artists who make books and run Amsterdam’s Boekie Woekie Book Shop and Gallery.

Postcard, Henriëtte van Egten, on-going series


Research cluster, artist book press and publisher at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. Director Emmanuelle Waeckerlé. Critical writing, experimentation, collaboration and research.

Digesting Ritual / Extispicy in the Everyday Amanda Crouch, Adam Alston, Kristen Fraser

Caroline Penn

London-based artist and photographer working with photographs, text, drawings, collage and projection to create artist’s books and small installations.

My Mother’s Teapots, artist’s book

CB Editions

Short fiction, poetry, translations and other work which ‘might otherwise fall through the cracks…’ (The Guardian). The press of London-based poet, writer and editor Charles Boyle.

Chisato Tamabayashi

London-based installation and book artist. Books, cards and artworks. Many publications are hand-cut or pop-up; most are colourful.

Chisato Tamabayashi’s table at Small Publishers Fair 2018

Clod Magazine & Books

Home of the satirical ‘Clod’, using anecdotal ridicule to drag the concept of ‘zine’ through the dirt and beyond.  Also poetic, esoteric, off-shoot editions.

A detail from the cover of Clod issue 34 showing a smiling woman, printed flowers and false teeth.
Clod edition 34, cover detail, 2019


Printer-publisher and editor of spaces since the 1970s. Directed by writer and artist Erica Van Horn and poet, artist and editor Simon Cutts. Previous bases in Liverpool, London and Norfolk; now in Ireland.

Descriptions of Literature, Gertrude Stein, Handwritten by Erica Van Horn

Daniel Lehan Books

London-based book artist. Surreal, collaged books, postcards, tourist guides, and letter cards ­– laser and riso printed.

Spread of two pages from the artist's book Owlman / manowls by Daniel Lehan.
Owlman / Manowls, spread from artist’s book, 2019

David Mitchell

London-based print-maker and book artist. Artist’s books, editions and ephemera.

Provision #1 , artist’s book

Dizzy Pragnell

Print maker and book artist based near Ashford in Kent. Makes books using vegetable and fruit papyrus.

Discovery, 2019

Double Dagger

Letterpress broadsheet published by Nick Loaring (The Print Project and Shipley Wayzgoose) and Pat Randal (Nomad Letterpress, Cheltenham).

Double Dagger III, 2019

Dunlin Press

2014-founded imprint of writer and poet MW Bewick and artist and editor Ella Johnston. Based Wivenhoe, Essex. Fiction and non-fiction, poetry, photo-essays and illustration.

The Migrant Waders, anthology, illustrations by Ella Johnston, 2019

Egidija & George

Collaborative and independent publishing projects, artists’ books by Egidija Čiricaitė and George Cullen (London).

Clocks and Crickets, Egidija Čiricaitė, artist’s book 2019

Elisabeth Tonnard

Dutch artist and poet. Much of her work involves responding to existing books, texts and images, reworking them into new (visual) literature.

Indirections no. 2, inside

Elizabeth Willow

2014-founded imprint of Liverpool-based artist making intimate, limited edition, letterpress-printed artist’s books and ephemera.

within, artists book, inside spread, 2019

Ensixteen Editions

Sole-proprietor Mike Nicholson, London-based artist/writer, illustrator, storyboard artist and tutor. Focal point being the diaristic ‘bio auto graphic’ zine series.


Cover for ex- Bio Auto Graphic no. 32, 2019

etruscan books

Concrete, Gaelic & modernist poetry, founded in 1996. Run by poet Nicholas Johnson, who is based in Hastings where he also runs the Black Hut Festival.

The Metal Mountain, John Healy, 2019

Fine Press Poetry

Letterpress printed illustrated poetry editions by major poets including Armitage, Duffy, Longley and Muldoon. Founded 2013 by Andrew Moorhouse. Based in Rochdale.

Selected titles

Fitzcarraldo Editions

Award-winning independent publisher specialising in contemporary fiction and long-form essays. Founded in 2014 by Jacques Testard. Based in London

Selected titles

GG Print Studio

Swedish print studio, intaglio printmaking and letterpress, with a focus on book art. Exchange programme for artists, poets and graphic designers. Studio managers, Lina Nordenström and Lars Nyberg.

GG Print Studio

Grania Hayes

London-based book artist making colourful folded books printed by hand. Recent work has been cut, paste and photocopy.

Lost on Primrose Hill, postcard and book, 2019

Guy Bigland

Artist and book seller. Artist’s books, editions and ephemera exploring systems and language. Lives and works in Bath.

AWOL, postcard, 2019

Haverthorn Press (HVTN)

Poetry press edited by Surry-based poet and writer Andrew Wells. New imprint Interruptions edited by French poet, translator and book artist Iris Colomb, seeks poetic artists’ books.

Nemeses, Selected Collaborations of SJ Fowler vol 2, 2019

Jane Cradock-Watson

Book artist, illustrator and teacher, based in Surrey. Artist’s books exploring gardens and landscapes through material and form using printmaking, photography and illustration.

Looking for Ophelia, Elmbridge Meadows, artist’s book, 2019

Jim Butler

Cambridge-based book artist, illustrator, printmaker and teacher. 2018 winner of the World Illustration Award for the artist’s book ‘Blackrock Sequence’.

Open Ended, artist’s book, 2018

John Dilnot

Artist and printmaker, making books since 1985 as an integral part of his practice. Also makes prints, paintings and box works. Based in East Sussex.

John Dilnot’s table at Small Publishers Fair 2018

Les Fugitives

Collective of translators and editors. Founded and run by Cécile Menon. Short new writing by award-winning francophone female authors previously unavailable in English or in the UK. London-based.

New publication from Les Fugitives, Selfies by Sylvie Weil. Available at Small Publishers Fair 2019.
Selfies, Sylvie Weil, 2019

M · H Limited Editions

Martha Hellion is a Mexican book artist, curator and founder of the Center of Research and Documentation on Artists’ Publications, Mexico City. Co-founder of the influential Beau Geste Press (Devon, 1970-76).

Spread of watercoloured images from new book by Martha Hellion available at Small Publishers Fair 2019.
Watercoloured images for Herbal Study, 2019

Ma Biblioteque

The imprint of Sharon Kivland: artist, teacher, writer and editor, working in London and France. Essays, experimental fiction, critical writing and writing about reading / re-reading.

Selected titles

Mandy Brannan

Book artist, self publisher, experimental paper maker and workshop leader. London-based.

Kyoto Viewpoint, artist’s book, 2019

Mark Pawson / Disinfotainment

One-man production line of publications occupying the territory between artists books and zines, plus postcards, badges, multiples and other ephemera. London-based. Rubberstamps, HP LaserJet Pro 401d and Print Gocco.

Mapping, 2019


Founded 1973 by artist Laurie Clark and poet Thomas A Clark, who also run Cairn Gallery in Pittenweem, Fife, where they are based. Artists’ books and poetry collections.

New book about Thomas A Clark and Laurie Clarke, available at Small Publishers Fair 2019.
of the wayside, Thomas A Clark and Laurie Clarke, Lawn Editions 2019, designed by Peter Foolen


Imprint of Christine McCauley a London-based artist and book artist. Books & prints explore place and the impact of the past on the present.

Spread from The Peterloo Massacre, available at Small Publishers Fair 2019.
The Peterloo Massacre, portfolio; prints, book and pamphlets, 2019


Otto is a screen printer, illustrator and
book artist, and runs a printmaking
workshop near Bath. Influenced by
Russian Constructivist design, books
include printing manuals and sci-fi

Ottographic book, Canal Boats, Machines for Living, available at Small Publishers Fair 2019.
Canal Boats: Machines for Living, artist’s book 2019

p’s and q’s press

Christine Tacq prints mainly intaglio and letterpress books, also small books using new technologies. Publications include translations, anthologies and other collections. Based in Thame, Oxfordshire.

Barracadia, Psychomachia, Concordia, artist’s book 2019

Penteract Press

Publisher of experimental poetry leaflets and books, constrained, formal and visual poetry. Edited by writer, Anthony Etherin who is based in Shropshire.

Selected titles

Peter Foolen Editions

Eindhoven-based designer and publisher of books and editions (portfolio’s and prints) of contemporary art. Publications made with artists, poets and writers from across Europe.

Peter Foolen Editions, cover of Le Voyage en Afrique, available at Small Publishers Fair 2019.
Le Voyage en Afrique, Nono Reinhold, 2019

Poetics Research Centre

Research centre for poetry and poetics including concrete and visual poetry, and performance. Run by Redell Olsen, Robert Hampson and Will Montgomery. Based in Bedford Square, London.

Harpies, MA students 2019

Prototype Publishing

Poetry, prose, interdisciplinary projects and anthologies. London press, founded 2019 by publisher and editor Jess Chandler, co-founder of Test Centre and House Sparrow Press.

Selected titles

Red Sphinx

Berlin-based press of English artist, editor and translator Malcolm Green. Artist’s books, postcards, and Seedy CDs. Fluxus, pataphysics, founding member of the Dieter Roth Academy.

Book by Red Sphinx, Small Publishers Fair 2019 participant.
Some Statements by Lawrence Weiner gracefully amended by Malcolm Green, 2019


Artists books, mail art and multiples; photography, screen and risograph printing from Belgian artist Francis Van Maele. Based west coast of Ireland.

Motel California, artist’s book, Franticham, 2019

Russell Weekes

Working with objects, images, books, language and education. Re-interpreting the everyday world through observations and visual connections. Based in London.

Translation, postcard, 2018

Ruth Martin

Illustrator, designer, print-maker and teacher. London-based. Books, cards and commissions; rubber relief print, drawing and painting; wit and whimsy.

String – If you liked it then you should have put some string on it, artist’s book, 2019


Sheffield-based artists Paul Salt and Susan Shaw work together, creating unique books and small editions, using words, images, objects, print, mixed media, structure and binding.

The artist’s book Held being made, 2019.

Second String Press

The imprint of London-based book artist Matthew Kay.  Chap books, editions, prints and zines feature collages, poetic pie charts and other ambiguous diagrams.

Magical Practices, poetic pie chart

Shearsman Books

Editor, publisher and translator Tony Frazer founded Shearsman magazine in 1981, shortly followed by Shearsman Books. The Bristol-based press has published over 800 poetry titles.

Selected titles

The Caseroom Press

Barrie Tullett and Philippa Wood’s publishing collective explores the function and format of the book through collaborations with illustrators, designers, painters, poets, sculptors and musicians.

The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri, illustrations by Barrie Tullett, 2019

The Last Books

Founded and run by Amsterdam-based writer and typographer Phil Baber and artist Snejanka Mihaylova. Experimental literature and poetry, plus contemporary art, performance and theory.

Practical Training in Thinking, Snejanka, Mihaylova

Timglaset Editions

Publisher of contemporary concrete and visual poetry and other forms of expression at the crossroads between the literary and visual arts. Editor Joakim Norling is based in Malmö, Sweden.

Au Noir, May Bery, artist’s book 2019

Tracey Bush

Creator of artists’ books based on the natural world since the 1990’s. Also makes paper sculpture and collage. Hampshire-based. 2019 John Ruskin Prize shortlisted.

Dusk, artist’s book


‘Terraced publishing house’ begun by Colin Sackett in 2011: an imprint for the visual and literary arts, cultural geography and history, music and bibliographic studies.

All or nothing and other pages, Michael Gibbs


Solo and collaborative books combining text with photography and printing to develop visual narrative and new ways of reading. Founded 1970s, run by artist Helen Douglas. Scotland-based.

Summer Alight, artist’s book, 2019

Whnic Press

International collective of book artists working collaboratively to make artists’ books and show bookworks together. Coordinated by book artist Pauline Lamont-Fisher who is based in Hereford.

Artists book, concertina fold and organic greens.
Canopy, Erin K Schmidt, 2019

William Allen Word & Image

Dealer in concrete poetry, visual poetry, conceptual art, artist’s books and ephemera; modern poetry; art theory publications and small press archives.

Archive: Tarasque Press (1964-1971, edited by Stuart Mills and Simon Cutts)

Yasushi Cho

Laughter is the artistic expression of Tokyo-based Yasushi Cho, who publishes books of reconstructed images made of printed matter collages and snapped photos.

Cover to book showing windows on a tower block. Yasushi Cho is taking part in Small Publishers Fair 2019.
.exterior, 2019