Small Publishers Fair readings, talks and book launches are held in The Brockway Room in Conway Hall on the Saturday afternoon. In recent years, The Green Room has also been used both afternoons to host more intimate events.

Scroll down for a selection of photos and a list of some of the people who have read at the Fair each year, and related publishers. N.B. this is not a complete list. If you know more, please do get in touch as we would like to have a more complete list of this aspect of the Fair.

Poetics Research Centre at Royal Holloway
Students from Royal Holloway* first took part in the Small Publishers Fair readings programme in 2005. Since then current students and graduates from the MA in Poetic Practice and the practice-based PhD programm have regularly read at the Fair, from 2016 hosting in its entirity the Saturday afternoon programme in the Green Room. The programme is coordinated by Robert Hampson, Redell Olsen and Will Montgomery.

Sarah Bodman, Impact Press
Emma Bolland, Gordian Projects
Helen Douglas, Weproductions
Patrick Eyres, New Arcadian Journal
Anna Mackmin, Propolis Books
John McDowall , AMBruno
Alistair Peebles, Brae Editions
Erica Van Horn, Coracle Press

Charles Boyle , CB Editions
Helen Clarke/Anne-Marie-Creamer/Dean Kenning/katherine Meynell/Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, bookRoom
Kurt Johannessen, performance artist/publisher
Mike Nicholson, Ensixteen Editions
Robert Perkins, artist and filmaker
Andy Parsons & Glen Holman, Floating World
Stephen Watts, Test Centre

Louis Armand/Richard Makin/David Vichnar, Equus Press
John Bevis, Uniformbooks
Ella Chappell, As Yet Untitled
Emma Bolland/Helen Clarke/Tom Rodgers, Gordian Projects
Otto Detmar, Ottographic
Judy Kravis, road books
Brian Lewis, Longbarrow Press
Lara Pawson, CB Editions
Stefan Szczelkun/Rebekah Taylor/Mason Terrill/ Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, bookRoom

As yet Untitled, readings from the inaugural prize
Louis Armand/Ken Edwards/Richard Makin/David Vichnar, Equus Press
Emma Bolland, Gordian Projects
Collective Investigations
Simon Cutts, Coracle on Martin Rogers and Construction Storage Despatch
Nancy Campbell, Bird Editions
Jeremy Dixon, Hazard Press
W Stephen Gilbert, Eyewear Publishing
Michael Hampton, bookRoom
Nicholas Johnson, etruscan books
David Ashford/Eleanor Perry/Nat Raha, Veer Books
Barrie Tullett, The Caseroom Press
Maria Vlotides, Pedestrian Publishing
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé & Michael Hampton, Uniformbooks

Timothy Ades , Shearsman Press
Heidi Ball, Atlantic Press
Mark Brayley, Patrician Press
Martha Hellion, Latin American book art
Camilla Nelson, Singing Apple Press
Barrie Tullett, The Caseroom Press

Simon Cutts, Coracle Press
Geraldine Monk, Westhouse Books

David Vichnar/Louis Arnaud, Literaria Pragensia
Seekers of Lice (performance)
Reality Street and Westhouse Books

Linda Black and John Welch, Shearsman Books Les Colman, In House Publishing
Angela Gardner, Light Trap Press
Jeff Hilston, Reality Street
Kurt Johanessen: Everything and Nothing
Judy Kravis, road books
Chris McCabe, The Poetry Library
Wendy Mulford, Reality Street
Will Rowe, Piers hugill, Aodan McCardle, Tony Trehy, Anthony John and Carol Watts, Veer Books/Torque Press

David Annwn, Westhouse Books
Les Colman, In House Publishing
Jeff Hilston, Reality Street
David Toop, Ansuman Biswas, Brown Sierra and Nye Parry, CRiSAP
Cluster Magazine
Stephen Mooney, Veer Books
Kyle Schlesinger, Cuneiform Press
Vanitas Magazine and Libellum Book
Bill Griffiths, Joohan de Wit, Stephen Mooney, Piers Hugill, Sean Bonney, Veer Books

John Bevis, Coracle
Les Colman, In House Publishing
Eugen Gomringer: talk and reading introduced by Stephen Bann
Jeff Hilson/Marianne Morris, Bad press/yt communication
David Miller and Ken Edwards, Reality Street
Richard Tipping, Artpoem

John Bevis/Simon Cutts, Coracle
Alan Halsey, Westhouse books
Ken Edwards/Jeff Hilson, Reality Street
Reading in memory of Stuart Mills
Vincent Kat, Vanitas and Libellum
Gavin Selerie & Glenn Storhaug, Five Seasons Press
Adrian Clarke, Ulli Freer, Piers, Hugill, Aodhan McCardle, Veer Books

Christian Bok
Sean Bonney/Richard Makin/Gavin Selerie
Les Colman, In House Publishing
John Hall/David Miller, Reality Street Editions
Cralan Kelder and Tim Robinson, Coracle Press
Alan Halsey/Gerldine Monk, West House Books Michael Gibbs

Steve Clay, Granary Books
Simon Cutts/Harry Gilonis, Coracle Press
Alec Finlay, Morning Star Publications
John Gibbens/Armorel Weston, Touched Press
Susan Johanessen, Gefyn Press
Geraldine Monk/Alan Halsey, West House Books
Kyle Schlesinger, Cuneiform Press
Tolling Elves magazine (2002-2006)

2002 (in The Poetry Library)
Ian Breakwell, RGAP
Les Colman and friends
Alec Finlay, Morning Star Publications
Alan Halsey/Gerldine Monk, West House Books
Spike Hawkins, Coracle
Nancy Kuhl and Richard Deming, Phylum Press
Simon Morris and Dr Howard Britton
Writers Forum

* Royal Holloway readers have included: Tommy Allen, Francesco Aresco, Caitlin Bahrey, Rosheen Brennan, Bob T Bright, Sejal Chad, Prue Chamberlin, Tiffany Charrington, Jenny Cole, Iris Colomb, Emma Conway, Becky Cremin, Tom Crompton, Sarah Dawson, Mischa Foster Poole, Carrie Foulkes, Alison Gibb, Robert Hampson, Calum Hazel, Julius Hinks, Joseph Howse, Emma MacKilligan, Aimee Le, Alex Marsh, Matt Martin, Anna McKerrow, Hazel McMichael, Libby Norman, Ryan Ormonde, Astra Papachristodoulou, Simon Pomery, Rachel Porteret, Chloe Proctor, Maximilian Richmond, Sophie Robinson, Karen Sandhu, John Sparrow, Juliet Troy, James Waite, Lawrence Witt, Steve Willey and Eley Williams