Readings 2019

Readings, talks and book launches take place both afternoons in the Brockway Room and the Green Room at Conway Hall Readings’ HostOur host is Angie Butler, artist publisher (ABPress), and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Fine Print Research … Read More

Two pages from the book Certain Trees, showing photos of works by Stuart Mills.
Certain Trees

The 2006 exhibition ‘Certain Trees: The Constructed Book, poem and Object 1964-2008’ included work by several key Small Publishers Fair participants…… Read More

Exhibition case from 'Avant Folk' 2016 exhibition.
Exhibition archive

2019 Test Centre: Through the Archives 2018 Laurie Clark: Books and Printed Matter 2017 Peter Foolen: Books and Editions 1987-2017 2016 Avant-Folk Publishing in the Vernacular 2015 Nancy Campbell: Books and Printed Matter 2014 herman de vries: books and editions … Read More

'Not the light of any evening but the light of this evening, Thomas A Clark. White text on a blue background.

The posts here are about The Small Publishers Fair and small press publishing in general.  They have been posted by artists, poets, writers and publishers, all of whom have an association with the Fair.


“the tremendous Small Publishers Fair” Michael Caines, TLS | Brixton Review of Books Overview of the Fair  


Small Publishers Fair 2022Friday 28 & Saturday 29 October