Ambeck Design

Mette Ambeck is a Farnham-based Danish designer, book artist, teacher and curator. Twice winner of the Birgit Skiöld Memorial Trust Award of Excellence. Investigating life’s details – simple yet complicated.

Home use Only, Mette Ambeck, 2020


A coalition of artists with a common interest in the book, established 2008. The group’s annual project invites proposals for responses to a theme, this year ‘margins’. Featured artists include Julie Johnstone, John McDowall and Peter Rapp.

AMBruno at Leeds Artist Book Fair

Anne Rook

Animation, multi-media, installation and book artist, based in London. Publications feature drawings, photographs, short poetical prose and found images such as fruit labels.

Tarmac, Dust, Dusk, Anne Rook, 2020

Annegret Frauenlob

German graphic and book artist making improvised drawings and stories. Founder and organiser of ‘Hits – printmakers top ten’.

Hits! Printmakers top Ten, 4 and 5, 2021 and 2022


Represents online and at events, a diverse range of artists who make one-off books or small limited editions – max 50 copies. Noelle Griffiths is based in North Wales and started the website in 2005.

Tam O’ Shanter Joanna Robson, 2021

Atlas Press

Publisher of the “anti-tradition” of European avant-garde literary and artistic dissent since 1983. Many books in translation. London-based. Edited by Alastair Brotchie and Malcolm Green (Berlin).

The Journal of the London Institute of ‘Pataphysics, issues 25 and 26 (2021 & 2022)

Bad Betty Press

Publisher of new poetry, run by poets Amy Acre and Jake Wild Hall. Collections, anthologies, pamphlets, and limited edition mini-pamphlet series Bad Betty Shots. Rooted in live poetry. London-based.

Pamphlets by Bad Betty Press


The imprint of artist Andrew Kotting who makes films, performances, installations, bookworks, CDs, LPs and music, often in collaboration with his daughter Eden or writer Iain Sinclair.

Ark psychonaut, still from the film Diseased and Disorderly

Batool Showghi

London-based mixed media and book artist. Uses photography, illustration, painting and textiles to explore women’s issues, immigration, family disintegration and the experience of displacement.

Zan (Woman), 2022

Boekie Woekie

Henriëtte van Egten (Netherlands), Rúna Thorkelsdóttir (Iceland) and Jan Voss (Germany) are artists who make books and run Amsterdam’s Boekie Woekie Book Shop and Gallery.

Boekie Woekie at Small Publishers Fair 2019


Shoreditch bookshop specialising in books by artists. Founded by owner Tanya Peixoto in 2002 it also stocks small press publications of 20th century avant-garde works from Dadaism to Pataphysics.

Le Cerveaux Affamé, a limited edition card deck, Georgina Starr, 2022


Post-digital research platform, artist book press and publisher at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Director Emmanuelle Waeckerlé. Critical writing, experimentation, collaboration and research.

Photobooks &, Matt Johnston, 2021

Caroline Penn

London-based artist using photography, text and drawing, to create minimal narratives in book, box, film and installation on the themes of home, memory, absence and loss.

A Catalogue of Disapointments inside spread, 2022

CB Editions

Celebrating 15 years (2007–2022) of publishing fiction, poetry and non-fiction, including work in translation. Founder-editor: Charles Boyle.

Books by CB Editions

Chisato Tamabayashi

London-based installation and book artist. Books, cards and artworks. Many publications are hand-cut or pop-up; most are colourful.

Follow, 2015

Clod Magazine & Books

Established in 1987, the satirical ‘Clod’, uses anecdotal ridicule to drag the concept of ‘zine’ through the dirt and beyond.  Also poetic, esoteric, off-shoot editions.

Clod Magazine | Dada punk literature | Luton

Bumper pack of Clod Magazines

Confingo Publishing

Independent publishing house based in Manchester. Publishes literary fiction, including translated work, and books on art, music and politics. Plus a bi-annual literary and arts magazine.

Not All Roses, The Life and Times of Stephen Cresser, Dave Haslem, 2022

Coracle Press

Printer-publisher and editor of spaces since the 1970s. Directed by writer and artist Erica Van Horn and poet, artist and editor Simon Cutts. Previous bases in Liverpool, London and Norfolk; now in Ireland.

Seasonal Words, Harry Gilonis, 2021

David Armes

Based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Visual artist working primarily with letterpress printing, language and the layering of place. Final forms vary from large scroll prints to artist’s books and chapbooks.

vezels, 2021

Double Butted

Southampton-based imprint of printmaker and book binder Katherine Anteney and photographer Simon Griggs. Limited edition handmade, handprinted books, posters and prints about cycling and landscape.

36 Names for Gravel, 2022

Egidija Čiricaitė

Artist, poet and researcher, based in London, working with and around language and publishing. Books and visual poetry creating “nebulous worlds at the periphery of linguistic experience”.

Grey Matter, 2021

Electric Crinolines

The imprint and on-going collaborative project of artists and writers Redell Olsen and Drew Milne, based in London and Cambridge. Artists books and chapbooks.

Moll Knox, Redell Olsen, 2017

Elephant Press

East Sussex-based imprint of artist Clare Whistler and designer Raphael Whittle. Poetry, essays and fiction, nature and ecology. Collaborations with writers, artists, performers, composers and filmmakers.

Wild Correspondings, an eco-poetry source book, 2021

Ensixteen Editions

Diaristic zine series ‘bio auto graphic’ founded in 2004. Pictures and words by sole proprietor Mike Nicholson, Farnham-based, Lake District-born illustrator, storyboard artist and academic.


Sketchbook, 2022

Equus Press

Established 2011 between Paris, London and Prague to publish cosmopolitan, innovative, marginalised new writing, outside the literary establishment of the Anglo-American publishing industry. Managing editor David Vichnar.

Books by Equus Press

Estepa Editions

Kate Van Houten is an American artist, writer, editor, printmaker and binder who is based in Paris. Limited edition small books – some collaborations, and ‘one-of -a-kinds’.

The Day’s Verdict, drawings by Matsutani, translation by Eléna Rivera, 2021

Etruscan Books

Founded in 1996 by poet and editor Nicholas Johnson, based in Hastings St Leonards-on-Sea. Beautiful editions of concrete, Gaelic and modernist poetry and prose from the UK and America.

The Metal Mountain, John Healy, final cover proof with flap

Gefn Press & Boundary Street Press

Artists’ books made collaboratively by book artist Susan Johanknecht and performance, video and book artist Katharine Meynell.

manhole, Susan Johanknecht and Katherine Meynell, 2022

Gordian Projects

Sheffield-based imprint. Editors: Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland, and Tom Rodgers. Small editions using art and language to explore the intersections of image, literatures, artists’ books, and archive.

A spread from Collisions, Jean McEwan, 2021

Grania Hayes

Light hearted colourful books and cards designed using collage,watercolour and ink. A small selection of hand printed books.


Lost on the Hill, Grania Hayes, 2022

Guy Bigland

Artist and book seller. Artist’s books, editions and ephemera exploring systems and language. Lives and works in Wiltshire.

Billboard commission, Cheltenham, About is like About, 2016

Henningham Family Press

Founded by David and Ping Henningham in 2006 to make artists’ books, prints, and performance publishing shows. The London-based imprint has, since 2018, also published fiction and poetry.

Dedalus, the Artist’s Book Version, Chris McCabe, 2022

Impact Press

The imprint of Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE, Bristol. The Blue Notebook Journal, The Artists Book Yearbook, The Book Arts Newsletter (digital) and special editions. Edited by Sarah Bodman. Table also features books from Angie Butler’s ABPress.

Read with me, Sarah Bodman, 2022


New imprint edited by artist-writers Emma Bolland and Rachel Smith, launching at Small Publishers Fair with the publication of the Series 1 pamphlets, eight works by eight artists and writers.

Cover of A Happiness, Anthony (Vahni) Capildeo, 2022


Contemporary interdisciplinary writing, supporting feminist, queer, and idiosyncratic voices, and innovative fictions. Founded in 2020 and co-edited by London-based artists Rachel Cattle and John Hughes.

Books by JOAN

John Dilnot

Artist and printmaker, making books since 1985 as an integral part of his practice. Also makes prints, paintings and box works. Based in East Sussex.

Stony Ground, 2022

Kurt Johannessen

Norwegian performance, video and installation artist, writer and publisher. Publishing through his imprint Zeth since 1984, Johannessen uses text and image to make books that are minimal, poetic and sometimes funny.

The Mutual Understanding of Trust and Wealth, 2022

Les Fugitives

Founded 2015 to publish translations of short contemporary works by French women. Remit now includes narrative non-fiction, works that defy categorisation and English language originals. London-based. Led by translator Cécile Menon.

Books by Les Fugitives

Litmus Press

Brooklyn based, independent publisher dedicated to innovative, cross-genre and interdisciplinary work by poets, writers, translators and artists. Founded in 2001.

Standard American English, Elizabeth Houston, 2022

Litteraria Pragensia

Prague-based publisher of work from the heart of Europe and at the cutting edge in critical and cultural theory. Specialises in contemporary poetics, literature and cultural studies.

Books by Litteraria Pragensia

Longbarrow Press

Sheffield-based poetry publisher of work exploring the intersections of landscape, history and memory. Collaborations include walks, exhibitions and field recordings. Founded 2006 by writer and editor Brian Lewis.

The European Eel, Steve Ely, 2021 (second prize winner, Laurel Prize for Nature Poetry 2022)


The imprint of London-based artist, teacher, writer and editor, Sharon Kivland. Essays, experimental fiction, critical writing and writing about reading / re-reading.

Ma Bibliothèque at a book fair

MAAP Books

Representing students, graduates and staff from Falmouth’s’ MA Illustration Authorial Practice, MAAP is a platform for illustrated works of fiction, non-fiction, comics, and artists’ books.

Bestarium, Victor Hachmang, Landfill Editions

Martha Hellion

Mexican book artist, curator and founder of the Centre for Research and Documentation of Artists’ Publications, Mexico City. Co-founder of the influential Beau Geste Press (Devon, 1970-76). Also Ximena Pérez Grobet.


Reading Finnegan’s Wake, Ximena Pérez Grobet, Nowhereman Press, 2022

Mark Pawson

London-based one-man production line of publications occupying the territory between artists books and zines, plus postcards, sheets of gummed & perforated stamps and other ephemera


Mike Clements

Fine art printmaker and book artist working in the Border Marches. Ideas come from close observation of the world around him and often focus on quirky aspects of life.  Short run editions made by hand, mostly digitally printed.

Jiggery Pokery, 2020


Founded in 2020 in Nottingham, director Paul Finlay is inspired by the North American DIY publishing traditions that grew out of art, music, and LGBTQI+ scenes. Publishes three works of literary and/or creative non-fiction a year.

Books by MOIST

New Arcadian Press

Investigating the cultural politics of historical landscapes through art and scholarship since 1981. NAP publishes a journal, broadsheets, books, cards and posters. Director Patrick Eyres is based in Leeds.

Illustration for New Arcadian Journal. Little Sparta by Andrew Naylor

Nightjar Press

Limited edition single short-story chapbooks by individual authors. Based in Manchester, editor Nicholas Royle is a novelist, short story writer and academic.

Nightjars waiting to go to copyright libraries who had asked them for them not to be sent during the pandemic

Occasional Papers

Sheffield-based non-profit publisher of affordable books on the histories of architecture, art, design, film and literature.

Books by Occasional Papers

Pamenar Press

Independent, cross-cultural, multilingual, experimental publisher, based in Canada, Iran and the UK. Founded in 2019 Pamenar publishes books of poetry, translation and critical writing.

Books by Pamenar Press


The imprint of London-based visual artist Kate Morrell producing artists’ books, printed matter and small multiples. Interests include archives, material cultures, archaeology and rural landscapes.

Books by Pleats

Poetics Research Centre

Based in Bedford Square, London. Led by Redell Olsen and Robert Hampsom. 20 years of poetic practice including bookworks, concrete and visual poetry, and performance. Curated by Briony Hughes and Caroline Harris.

Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre

Burgess, Hannah Harding, 2022

Prototype Publishing

Poetry, prose, interdisciplinary projects and anthologies. London press, founded 2019 by publisher and editor Jess Chandler, co-founder of Test Centre and House Sparrow Press.

Prototype annual anthology, issues 1-4

Red Sphinx

Berlin-based press of English artist, editor and translator Malcolm Green. Artist’s books, postcards, and Seedy CDs. Fluxus, pataphysics, founding member of the Dieter Roth Academy.

The Invisible Hamlet, facimile edition of the 2006 artist’s book, Malcolm Green, 2020

Roberts Print

Based in Margate, Richard Roberts makes artists’ books using letterpress, lithography and screenprinting. Satires and celebrations of different aspects of contemporary culture.

Wasteland, Richard Roberts, 2022

Russell Weekes

South London based maker, exploring visual connections found within our everyday surroundings. Working with objects, images, books and ephemera.

Collophon for 1 : 1, 2022

Shearsman Books

Editor, publisher and translator Tony Frazer founded Shearsman magazine in 1981, shortly followed by Shearsman Books. Oxfordshire-based, the imprint publishes poetry and poetry-related essays and literary criticism.

V.I.P (Very Important Plant), Sumana Roy, 2022

Sublunary Editions

Small, independent press based in Seattle, Washington, publishing brief works of literature, often in translation.

Chimeras, Daniela Cascella, cover concept

Tenement Press

An occasional publisher of experimental, esoteric, accidental and interdisciplinary literatures; cousin to the magazine Hotel. Series edited by Dominic J. Jaeckle, designed by Traven T. Croves. Founded 2020, based London and Bristol.

Photo from Palace of Rubble, Kyra Simone, 2022

The Caseroom Press

Barrie Tullett and Philippa Wood’s publishing collective explores the function and format of the book through collaborations with illustrators, designers, painters, poets, sculptors and musicians.

Good Companions, Philippa Wood and Tamar MacLelland, 2021

The Imaginative Press

Founded in 2013 by artist James Mansfield, and based in London. Pamphlets and catalogues as investigations into museums, the wayside, and future archaeology.

Baeldan: A Lay-by and its World, Dr James Mansfield

Timglaset Editions

Publisher of contemporary concrete and visual poetry and other forms of expression at the crossroads between the literary and visual arts. Editor Joakim Norling is based in Malmö, Sweden.

Herbarium, Danni Storm, 2022

Tony Hayward

London-based Tony Hayward is an artist, publisher and collector. His books are visual essays that feature the offbeat, the juxtaposed and the strangely familiar.

Works in progress on the new booklet series Images from India

Tracy Bush / Fathom Five Books

Creator of artists’ books based on the natural world since the 1990’s. Also makes paper sculpture and collage. Hampshire-based. New imprint Fathom Five Books launched 2021.

Seven, the folk magic of seven British Wild Plants and Creatures, Tracy Bush, 2022

Ugly Duckling Presse

Iconic Brooklyn-based non-profit publisher of poetry, translation, experimental non-fiction, performance texts and books by artists. Founded in the early 2000s publications often contain handmade elements, calling attention to the labour and history of bookmaking.

Books by Ugly Duckling Presse


Begun in 2011 by Colin Sackett as an imprint for the visual and literary arts, cultural geography and history, music and bibliographic studies. Based in Axminster, Devon.

Books by Uniformbooks


Books combine photographic image and printing to explore visual narrative and themes of place and the natural world. Founded in the 1970s and run by artist Helen Douglas from Yarrow, Scotland.

Setting, Helen Douglas, 2021

Zinzinule Editions

Founded in 2019 by Lyon-based artist Géraldine Dubois, artist’s books exploring connections between art and poetry, photography and poems.

Cow Parsley / Vache en l’herbe, Karen Wheatcroft, Géraldine Dubois and Louise Dubois, 2020