The Small Publishers’ Fair is an annual celebration of books by contemporary artists, writers, composers, book designers, and their publishers. It was set up and run for its first ten years by Martin Rogers of RGAP (Research Group for Artists Publications).  The Fair is independent, self-funding and not-for-profit.

The first Small Publishers Fair took place in the Royal Festival Hall in 2002. The year after the Fair moved to Conway Hall. Built in 1929 by the Ethical Society, the hall is a ‘landmark of London’s independent intellectual, political and cultural life’. It is a natural home for the Small Publishers’ Fair.

“the tremendous Small Publishers Fair”
Michael Caines, TLS

Small Publishers Fair is organised by Helen Mitchell, who is based in Norwich. Advice and support is provided by Angie Butler (Bristol) Simon Cutts (Ireland), Jeremy Dixon (Vale of Glamorgan), Caspar Evans (Norwich), Ross Hair (UEA, Norwich), Colin Sackett and Bethan Sackett-Thomas (Devon).

Photography is by Caspar Evans and Julie Mitchell.  Fair assistants: Kate Fitzgeorge, Peter Mitchell, Lloyd Smith, Abby Stancliffe-Vaughan and Ricky Taylor.


Since 2002 more than 250 publishers have taken part in Small Publishers Fair. In any one year Conway Hall has room for just under seventy publishers.

Participation is by invitation and programming is a careful balancing act in terms of geography (2/3 outside of London), types of work (artists books, poetry, fine presses etc), and new faces alongside previous, and core participants. 

If you would like to be considered in future years, email us.  If you are not immediately successful this does not mean that you won’t be another year, so do keep in touch. 

 “There are many things still to be done with
folded paper and twine.”
Simon Cutts, Coracle