Readings 2018


Introduced by Angie Butler, artist publisher (ABPress) and PhD researcher at the Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England.

Friday 9 November

The Green Room (on the stage)

Road books

Road Books. Coloured books box.


2.00pm Road Books
Judy Kravis reads from These Women, the third in the second series of her Coloured Books.


3.00pm – Brae Editions
Alistair Peebles and Richie McCaffery read from The Tiny Talent: Selected Poems by Joan Ure (1918-1978), their co-edited selection of works by the neglected Scottish poet.

On the 50th anniversary of the death of their hero Tony Hancock, Glen Holman and Andy Parsons of Floating World Press begin their year-long homage to the great man in their project 'The Rebel(s)'.

On the 50th anniversary of the death Tony Hancock, Glen Holman and Andy Parsons at Small Publishers Fair 2017, the launch of their year-long homage to the great man in their project ‘The Rebel(s)’.

4.00pm Floating World Books  Motivational workshop from Glenn Holman and Andy Parsons. By following the teachings of their guru Tony Hancock, Glenn and Andy have perfected the art of ‘Failing to Succeed’. Discover how you too to can ‘Fail to Succeed’ in the artists book arena and wider art world. Limited edition lithographs will be awarded to best contributions from the floor! 

5.00pm Coracle

Launch and reading from TOO RAUCOUS FOR A CHORUS. 30 texts by Erica Van Horn with capital illustrations by Laurie Clark set into the text, celebrating and observing bird life, marking both small observations and small disasters.

Saturday 10 November

The Green Room (on the stage)

2.00pm to 5.00pm
Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre presents readings from current students and graduates from the MA in Poetic Practice and the practice-based Phd programme.

The Brockway Room

12.30pm – Impact Press
Sarah Bodman on her artists’ book Read to me, which charts an experiment in which stories were read to ten objects and the latter sent to a psychometric reader to ‘read back’ the story.

1.00pm – New Arcadian Journal
Editor Patrick Eyres on exploring the poetics and politics of historical landscapes in this 1981-founded journal.

1.30pm – Longbarrow Press
Editor Brian Lewis reads from and explores connections between two new poetry collections – Rob Hindle’s The Grail Roads and Matthew Clegg’s Cazique.

12x covers

AMBruno, books made as part of the project ‘Cover’.


2.00pm – AMBruno
John McDowall on artists’ coalition AMBruno’s project in which twelve artists make books on the theme of ‘Cover’.




3.00pm – Gordian Projects
Imogen Reid, Emma Bolland and Helen Clarke perform and discuss two new pamphlets that use experimental typography and publishing to explore photography and film.

Small Publishers Fair, talking, image Julie Mitchell

Helen Douglas of Weproductions at Small Publishers Fair 2014.

3.30pm – Weproductions

Helen Douglas on her long association with, and recent retrospective at New York’s iconic ‘Printed Matter’.

4.00pm – Propolis Books
Founder Henry Layte introduces Theatre director Anna Mackmin who will read from her debut novel Devoured.


4.30pm – New River Press
Poetry readings from the press offering ‘New language for sad times’.



Introduced by John McDowall, artist and co-director of PAGES and Leeds International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair.

12.30pm – Robert Perkins
The American artist and film maker on forty five years of visual collaborations with poets including Elizabeth Bishop, Allen Ginsberg, Seamus Heaney and Octavio Paz. Robert Perkins is in London for his exhibition ‘The Written Image’ which is on throughout November at Benjamin Spademan Rare Books.

1.00pm – Gordian Projects
Launch and readings from White Thorns Brian Lewis, and Ornament of Damage Azadeh Fatehrad introduced by editor Emma Bolland.


1.30pm – Ensixteen Editions
Writer, illustrator and publisher Mike Nicholson on his series Bio Auto Graphic, now in its thirtieth edition.





2.00pm – Kurt Johannessen
The performance artist and publisher presents his performancelecture About thoughts.


Kurt Johanessen. A Thought. (Cllick to enlarge).






2.30pm Break

3.00pm – Floating World ­
Andy Parsons and Glen Holman read from The Rebel(s), a new piece of book art exploring Tony Hancock’s 1961 film.

Stephen-Watts_Republics_front+back3.30pm – Test Centre
Stephen Watts reads from and discusses Republic Of Dogs/Republic Of Birds, his exploration of the landscapes and characters of London’s East End and Scotland’s Western Isles.



4.00pm – CB Editions
Editor Charles Boyle on Invisible Writers: Pen Names and Anonymity.

Charles Boyle

CB editions editor, Charles Boyle.










4.30pm – bookRoom
UK launch and discussion of The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin. 43 visual responses to the title plus essays. With editor Helen Clarke and contributors Anne-Marie Creamer, Dean Kenning, Katharine Meynell and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé.

IMG_4297 Front








Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre presents: readings by poets from the MA in Poetic Practice and the practice-based Phd programme.

Matt Martin, 'full spectrum apotheosis' (Contraband Books)

Matt Martin, ‘full spectrum apotheosis’ (Contraband Books)

2.00pm – Calum Hazell / Libby Norman / Alison Gibb

2.30pm – Iris Colomb / Matt Martin / Aimee Le

3.00 pm – Mischa Foster Poole / Emma Mackilligan

3.30pm – Alex Marsh / Sarah Dawson / Simon Pomery

Karen Sandhu, Baby 19 Block Distress (2017)

Karen Sandhu, Baby 19 Block Distress (2017)

4.00pm – Tiffany Charrington / Tom Crompton

4.30 pm – Karen Sandhu / Joseph Howse / Astra Papachristodoulou







Friday 4 November

Midday to 1pm in the Brockway Room

This was a chance to look in more detail at the 2016 Small Publishers Fair exhibition Avant Folk, Publishing in the Vernacular. Illustrated talk and discussion led by exhibition curator, Ross Hair from University of East Anglia, who will be joined by artist, poet, curator and editor Simon Cutts of Coracle Press, and Harry Gilonis, poet, editor, publisher and occasional critic.

This special event will be of interest to artists and poets, students of publishing and book art, fine art, poetry and creative writing, librarians and the general public.

Free, but booking advisable:

NB. The event will also saw the launch of Ross Hair’s book ‘Avant-Folk: Small Press Poetry Networks from 1950 to the Present’ published by Liverpool University Press and on sale for a discounted price of £50 instead of £75. A booklet to mark the occasion of the exhibition was launched at the Fair. Avant-Folk publishing in the Vernacular is published by UEA Publishing Project.

Brockway Room, Saturday
Introduced by artist and curator Trevor Burgess.

12.30pm – As Yet Untitled
Poetry reading by Ella Chappell from her collection Moonrise.

1.00pm – road books
Reading by Judy Kravis from Oranges in Finland, launch of new title in the coloured book series.

1.30pm – Uniformbooks
Illustrated talk: John Bevis on The Keartons: Inventing Nature Photography

2.00pm – ottoGraphic
Illustrated talk: Russian constructivism in ottoGraphic picture books.

2.30pm – Gordian Projects
Text and Image as a Space for Exploration. Presentations by new authors Helen Clarke and Tom Rodgers, and an introduction to the press and forthcoming publications with Clive Robertson and Anya Lewin by co-editor Emma Bolland.

3.00pm – bookRoom
Book launch: RISE WITH YOUR CLASS NOT FROM IT / Working Press: books by and about working class artists 1986 –1996. With Stefan Szczelkun, Rebekah Taylor, Mason Terrill and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé.

3.30pm – CB Editions
Lara Pawson reads from her memoir This is the Place to Be.

4.00pm – Longbarrow Press
Editor Brian Lewis on creative development, ethos and collaborations; walks, maps, music and films.

4.30pm – Equus Press
Book launch: Louis Armand, The Combinations and Richard Makin, Mourning. Introduced by David Vichnar.

2pm to 4.30pm in the Green Room (on the stage at Conway Hall)
– Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre presents

Readings by poets 

2.00pm Matt Martin and Astra Papachristodoulou

2.30pm Joe Howse and Mischa Foster Poole

3.00pm Simon Pomeroy

3.30pm Bob T. Bright and Francesco Aresco

4.00pm Sarah Dawson



Green Room, Friday 6 November

2pm, Pedestrian Publishing
Launch of 10 Birds of Britain an art therapy colouring book by Laurène Pijulet-Balmer. Publisher Maria Vlotides will introduce the book, and there will be a short talk from Jamie Wyver of RSPB.

2.30pm, As Yet Untitled
Readings from a selection of the winning and specially commended entries of the inaugral Elbow Room Prize.

3pm, Hazard Press
15 Poems of Customer Assistance. Jeremy Dixon reads his poems inspired by working part-time for a well-known chain of high street chemists. The majority of these poems began life as lines on a piece of till roll, scribbled in the lull between sales.

3.30pm, Nancy Campbell
Launch of Proviso, Bird Editions. Short talk by Nancy Campbell on her new book which is about printing and publishing, dictionaries and endangered languages.

Green Room, Saturday 7 November,

2pm, Nancy Campbell
Reading from Disko Bay, Nancy Campbell’s first collection, published by Enitharmon Press.

2.30pm, Collective Investigations
Reading Books as Objects – can a book as object, regardless of the printed words, communicate anything?

3pm, The Caseroom Press
Ten Years in the Making – Barrie Tullett on Utopian Tales an anthology of communist and socialist fairy tales from the early twentieth century, ‘the most ambitious collaboration we’ve never published’.

Brockway Room, Saturday 7 November
Introduced by writer and librarian Pascal O’Loughlin.

1pm, Coracle
Simon Cutts introduces Construction Storage Despatch Coracle’s new book about printer, sculptor, publisher and Small Publishers Fair founding director, Martin Rogers.

1.20pm, Uniformbooks
Emmanuelle Waeckerle and Michael Hampton discuss two recent Uniformbooks publications: Waeckerle’s Reading (Story of) O and Hampton’s Unshelfmarked. Reconceiving the Artists’ Book.

1.50pm, bookRoom
Launch and panel discussion of CODE X. Chaired by Michael Hampton and featuring Danny Aldred, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Stefan Szczelkun and Maria White.

2.30pm, Poetic Practice
Reading by current students and former alumni of the Poetic Practice programme at Royal Holloway University.

3pm, Eyewear Publishing
Author W. Stephen Gilbert will read from his book Accidental Hero, the first biography of Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour Party.

3.30pm, Gordian Projects
Gordian Projects is a new press that works with readers and writers who use art and language as a space for exploration. Emma Bolland will perform extracts from their publications, including her own own art-writing text Lectolalia.

4pm, Etruscan Books
Launch of Brian Coffey’s (1905-95) selected poems, How far from Daybreak.

4.30pm, Equus Press
Equus Press meets Reality Street: readers are Louis Armand, Ken Edwards, Richard Makin & David Vichnarus.

5pm, Veer Books
Launch of new titles and readings by David Ashford (Orcs!!!), Eleanor Perry (VENUSBERG) and Nat Raha (Of Sirens – Body and Faultlines)


Pascal introduction, SPF readings 2014Erica Van Horn

Organised and introduced by writer and librarian Pascal O’Loughlin.

12 noon Patrician Press, reading
Mark Brayley, Disarming the Porcupine

12.30pm road books, reading
Judy Kravis, Inside Barbara Kitten and Incurable

1pm Atlantic Press, reading
Heidi Ball, The Devil’s Noose
and Phyllida Bluemel, Pick me up by Anna Kiernan

1.30pm The Caseroom Press, talk
Barrie Tullett on The Typewriter and The Book

2pm Shearsman Books, reading
Timothy Adès reads from his translation of the Venezuelan long poem Florentino and The Devil by Alberto Arvelo Torrealba.

2.30pm Singing Apple Press, reading
Camilla Nelson, plant-related texts and poem objects

3pm Uniformbooks, London launch

Erica Van Horn, Living Locally

3.30pm Martha Hellion, talk
Artist´s Book Works in Latin America, where editing is based on projects that are not only aesthetic, but also perform a social function.

4pm Poetic Practice (Royal Holloway), readings
Prue Chamberlain, Eley Williams, Bob T Bright, Carrie Foulkes and Robert Hampson

4.30pm Etruscan Books, launch
Advent by Brian Coffey

5pm Veer Books, readings
Adrian Clarke, Verity Spott and Frances Kruk

Coordinated by Alan Halsey of Westhouse Books.

12 noon     Equus Press: Louis Armand, Thor Garcia & David Vichnar
12.30pm     Royal Holloway MA in Poetic Practice:
Cat Catalyst, Carrie Foulkes, Sophia Fratianne, Christian Groves, Kaori Maeda & Heather Remington
1pm           Zeth Forlag: Kurt Johannessen
1.30pm      Sarah Bodman introduces ‘al Mutanabbi Street starts here’. Over 250 artists have made books for this project looking at the impact of the 2007 car bomb on this street at the historic center of Baghdad bookselling.
2pm           bookRoom Press Launch:
Vicky Churchill, Nicky Hamlyn & Simon Aeppli
2.30pm      seekersoflice
3pm           Pedestrian Publishing: Chris McCabe
3.30pm      Uniformbooks: Simon Cutts, John Bevis & Michael Hampton
4pm           Veer Books: Francesca Lisette, Drew Milne & Holly Pester
4.30pm      Etruscan Books: John Hall & Nicholas Johnson
5pm           MIEL: George Szirtes reads from his new chapbook LANGOUSTINE









These pictures from last year’s Small Publishers Fair show a performance by seekersoflice and a reading by poet and joint editor of The Poetry Library, Chris McCabe.