Helen Mitchell has organised Small Publishers Fair since 2012. She is an arts administrator, fundraiser and marketer with over thirty years experience of working in arts, festivals and museums.

Helen’s interest in small press publishing began in the early 1990s when she worked with Coracle Press. She works from home in Norwich, collects small press publications, sails on the Broads and is chair of Friends of Eaton Park.

Colin Sackett is an artist, designer and publisher. He has been the Fair designer since 2002. Based in Axminster, he began the ‘terraced publishing house’ Uniformbooks in 2011. Since the 1990s he has designed books for publishers, galleries and museums in the UK and Europe, including: Coracle Press, etruscan books, Fundacion Ortego Munoz, Modern Art Oxford, Nordsjøforlaget, Soundcamp, The Bowes Museum, Turner Contemporary, and The Laurence Sterne Trust.

Colin Sackett | Book design and production | Uniformbooks

Angie Butler is an artist publisher (ABPress) and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) at UWE in Bristol. She helps coordinate and hosts the readings’ programme.

Photography and film
Caspar Evans (photography) and Julie H. M. Mitchell (film and photography).

Advice and support
Simon Cutts (Coracle Press, Ireland) was the driving force behind the creation of the Small Publishers Fair. He is a friend and mentor to the current organiser, as he was to its founder Martin Rogers.

Nancy Campbell (Bird Editions, Oxford), Jeremy Dixon (Hazard Press, Vale of Glamorgan), Anthony Etherin (Penteract Press), Julie Johnstone (Essence Press, Edinburgh) and Brian Lewis (Longbarrow Press, Sheffield) provide advice and support.

Colin Sackett in a meeting in the foyer at Conway Hall during the 2018 Small Publishers Fair.
Designer, Colin Sackett (right) in a meeting in the Conway Hall foyer, SPF18. Photo Caspar Evans
Helen Mitchell is director and organiser of Small Publishers Fair. Here she is seen talking with Michael Caines of TLS.
Director, Helen Mitchell with Michael Caines of TLS and Brixton Review of Books SPF16. Photo Julie Mitchell
Jeremy Dixon and Angie Butler who both help out with the Fair, seen here taking part in the Fair in 2017.
Jeremy Dixon and Angie Butler (just visible) at Small Publishers Fair 2017