I am deeply sorry to let you know that the 2020 Small Publishers Fair, scheduled to take place 13 and 14 November, will not be taking place.

The Fair is all about bringing people together, hustle and bustle, conversations, browsing and buying books. Publishers and visitors are a mix of all ages and it wouldn’t be right to ask people to come together as usual this November. I’ve waited as long as possible to decide this but don’t feel confident that it would be safe to go ahead.

This doesn’t mean that nothing will happen. In what would have been the Fair’s eighteenth year, it’s important that the momentum that has been building can continue. Books will still be being made. Publishers and enthusiasts will still want to get a feel for the year’s highlights, and to find their way to small press publishers and their wares.

Plans are at an early stage. I’ve been talking with Fair designer, Colin Sackett (Uniformbooks) and a couple of other colleagues, and will be talking to others too. While we may not be able to all meet together in Conway Hall, it’s now possible to share information and ideas in many other ways.

For now, the message is watch this space, and more soon!  To stay in touch follow Small Publishers Fair on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and sign up to our mailing list.

Look after each other and stay well.

Helen Mitchell

Small Publishers Fair 2019. Friday evening, when nearly everyone has gone home or to the pub.